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Early signs of Parkinson's might be seen in colon

A colonoscopy or similar test could one day diagnose Parkinson's disease years before symptoms occur. That's because signs of Parkinson's that appear in the brain also show up in the colon, a new study says.

Researchers examined tissue samples obtained during colon exams of people who later developed Parkinson's disease. The samples were taken several years before the patients showed symptoms of the neurological disorder.

The cells in the patients' intestinal walls were found to contain clumps of alpha-synuclein -- a hallmark protein of Parkinson's.

In a previous study, these researchers found these aggregates St Albans Aggregates were apparently unique to the gut of Parkinson's disease patients-- they were not seen in people with certain gut disorders or in healthy people.

The findings suggest that tissue obtained during a colonoscopy or other colon cancer screening test could one day be used to predict who will develop Parkinson's, said study researcher Dr. Kathleen Shannon, a neurologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

However, first the findings will need to be replicated in studies that include more people, including people with other types of brain diseases, the researchers said.

Currently doctors cannot diagnose Parkinson's until patients show symptoms, such as shaking, slowed movements and stiff muscles. By then, however, the patients' brains have deteriorated significantly. Finding early markers of the disease could lead to a way to slow or stop the progression, the researchers said.

Predicting Parkinson's

Parkinson's disease is caused by loss of brain cells that produce dopamine, a brain chemical needed to control muscle movement. One change that occurs in the brains of Parkinson's patients is the formation of clumps called Lewy bodies. The protein alpha-synuclein is found in all Lewy bodies, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Recent research suggests the Parkinson's disease process begins in nerve cells in the gut and spreads to nerves in the brain, Shannon said.

In a 2011 study, Shannon and colleagues examined intestinal tissue samples taken from nine Parkinson's patients, 23 healthy people and 23 people with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis (both types of inflammatory bowel disease). The people in the study ranged in age from early 20s to late 70s.

All nine Parkinson's disease patients had clumps of alpha-synuclein in the nerves of their gut tissue, while none of the healthy people or people with gut disorders did. Two healthy people and three colitis patients had a small amount of alpha-synuclein in their cells, but it was distinct from the amount seen in the Parkinson's patients.

In a study published today (May 15) in the journal Movement Disorders, the researchers reported they examined tissue samples from three patients taken during colonoscopies two to five years before the patients developed Parkinson's disease symptoms. All the patients had the characteristic aggregates of alpha-synuclein in their gut.

Provoactive study

"It's really interesting and provocative," Dr. William Weiner, a neurologist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and member of the American Academy of Neurology, said of the study findings. The hypothesis that Parkinson's disease starts in the gut has not had much tangible evidence until now, Weiner said.

However, the new study does not demonstrate that clumps of alpha-synuclein in the gut develop before the protein begins to show up in the brain, Weiner said.

"The same changes might be going on in the brain at the same time," he said.

The idea that alpha-synuclein forms deposits in tissues other than the brain in Parkinson's patients is pretty well established, said Dr. Kenneth Marek, president and senior scientist at the Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders, a research company in New Haven, Conn. However, "to what extent these findings suggest where the disease might begin or how it might begin is a much murkily question," Marek said.

But Marek agreed the findings suggest tissue samples taken during a colonoscopy "could be helpful in understanding whether you are at high risk to develop Parkinson's," Marek said.

Because the new study looked at only three people, much larger studies are needed to confirm the findings, Weiner said.

Pass it on:  A colonoscopy someday may be able to identify Parkinson's disease, but much more work is needed first.

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4 Methods Clever Repair Services Can Profit You

4 Ways Bright Repair Services Can Profit You

If you are not familiar with SMART repairs, they use specific methods to do small and moderate repairs without changing or fixing big sections of the car. This may save you both money and time. You might not know of the numerous means they could be advantageous to you, even if you are comfortable with these services. Beneath you'll find several occasions when the average individual can reap the benefits of CLEVER repairs.

Restoring your private vehicle. Most folks like driving new automobiles. They are entirely unblemished. Nonetheless, no vehicle remains new forever. No matter how well you manage your car or truck, over time you might begin to detect a little damage. Maybe there are a few little scratches, or you have several tears in your seats. A GOOD repair service can quickly take care of the fixes and several more, restoring your car to its original glory.

Mending business vehicles. INTELLIGENT repairs are an effective method to maintain the automobiles in the best form possible, if your business relies on one or several automobiles for the company needs. As a business, you should make sure your vehicles go right along with the professional image you're attempting to project. This means making sure they usually look their finest. As a bonus, BRIGHT repairs are more cost and time-effective, which means that you'll have significantly more cash and time to invest on your own actual company needs.

Getting a vehicle willing to sell. While you can attempt to sell your car or truck "as is" with all the little dents, dings, and other imperfections, you may not get the ideal price you are searching for. Now, if you're to repair all of these small imperfections, you would be in a position to sell your vehicle for significantly more than in case you wait "as is". CLEVER repairs have become affordable, making them an excellent option if you want to boost the value of your vehicle for little money.

Returning your leased vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, you need to be extra cautious about what goes on to that vehicle. The firm you rent the vehicle from will most likely charge you an excessive fee for any harm they discover, even minor dents and scratches. Before you bring your car or truck back by the end of the lease you may want to consider employing a BRIGHT repair service, as you cannot keep your vehicle within an impenetrable bubble. They should be capable of repair the damages and can bill a whole lot less than you will pay to the leasing organization.

As you can see, there are a number of means that SMART repairs can benefit you. Merely be sure that you just select an experienced and reputable business to do the repairs. There are a lot of companies that concentrate on SMART

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Here Some General Idea and Suggestions on Furniture Stores

Here-some General Idea and Hints on Furniture Stores

In case you are amongst those perceptive furniture shoppers, you're possibly seeking the a couple of great stores that will fulfill your demand completely with wide array of furniture to fit any environment and life-style. While discussing about the furniture shops there are many shop accessible but is essential to choose the right choice among the many. You will find top ranking brands in the sector which have earned or produced a great deal of respect and standing form around the world.

Here some ideas about selecting the correct furniture store. The key points which have to taken into thought while picking a furniture store are as follows:

. It is essential to see if the store may be the authorized seller of the brand, you are searching for. Maybe what are the additional renowned brands, the store is coping with.

. Whether the store is well recognized make out.


. Inquire clearly concerning their services along with the charges thus.

If you need to know about some of the finest furniture store, get into the on-line furniture retailers. It is just a matter of a click away, getting countless quantities of online furniture retailers that get forth a couple of astounding array of furniture website link that range from the aesthetic Victorian style to hip present style. The internet furniture sellers concentrate on please the wants millions of internet purchasers having the thirst to bring together striking furniture to complement the special interior decorations and satisfy their precise life style. In fact the purchasers are also made easy by these online business points by demanding less price for high excellence products - although the legislation will not hold good for several online furniture stores. Consequently, any wrong selection of on-line shop for the furniture exposes the typical mass to the risk of turning out to be the flop by having the products from unscrupulous company point.

The online store enables you to browse for your furniture by not just the toplevel makers, models, styles, and types but also from the limited and on-line furniture stores all at one time.

Here some hints for buying furniture at thrift stores. If you're a college student looking to live thriftily or even a hipster attempting to bring together a shabby chic living room, you may run into yourself furniture shopping at thrift stores. In the midst of the piles of discarded junk, you can find some smart pieces of furniture that deserve a second (or third) dwelling. To put together the the majority of furniture shopping at thrift stores, think about these suggestions.

Here's the first trick. Hit the correct locations. Some thrift stores focus nearly and fully on clothes while others have a well blend of furniture and household items. Ask folks which thrift stores in town typically have the best furniture shopping status. You may also create a call to the shop before seeing to ask about their existing selection. Furthermore, for the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and added well-known stores, attempts churchrun stores as well as rummage sales.

This second trick questions the obvious! When looking, keep in mind not every furniture piece has to use for its planned function. Only for the main reason that it is "clearly" a dining room table will not signify it can't make a fine desk when the size, height, and sturdiness are good. Simply because it's, an "obviously" bed-headboard combo doesn't mean you cannot pleasingly style it into an extra large chaise lounge with some well-set pillows. So, be creative, and look at the possible in pieces before ignoring them.

The 3rd trick says to see beyond the surface. Some furniture pieces at thrift shops seem repulsive or ugly because their surfaces are scratched or because they are sporting unpleasant colors. In the event that you discover a welldesigned wood table that just wants a decorative new start, think about painting it. In case you hit upon a chest of drawers that might be cool with new knobs, so think making the modest savings in hardware.

The last and final tip is that to drape it! If you discover a clean, wellbuilt chair that only wants to be thoroughly covered, gaze within the cloth section. They may be repeatedly a few unexpectedly awesome draperies, tablecloths, and additional big pieces of cloth that could cover up seat and couches with kitsch style. No stitching require be involved; only use a little creative tucking and fold and you'll have a brand new look for your furniture. As well, take into account that not only couches and other seating can draped with material, as tabletops and dresser-tops can protect too.

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Benefits of Skip Hire Services Described for Warehouse Owners

It truly is true that lots of small and mid-sized warehouses lack the resources and sufficient infrastructure for safe and ecofriendly disposal of the wastes. Skip hire services offered by many companies are aimed at eliminating the concerns of the warehouse owners regarding waste-disposal. The prominent benefits of these services are explained here below.

Acquiring permits

In case you are a warehouse operator and if you're looking for a skip hire business in your area, the most convenient solution to check for all these providers is to use the web.

Warehouse owners often face issues in getting necessary permits for disposal of their warehouse wastes in the concerned departments. There are skip hire agencies that might support you in obtaining the required permits from your neighborhood council and other concerned departments. Getting permits is a crucial part of the whole waste disposal process and if you do not get these licenses, you could face legal problems. The skip hire companies can help you get these permits.

Wide serviceability

Reputable skip hire companies are furnished with containers of all sizes, from the smallest to the maxi skips and substantial capacity waste carrying vehicles. Powered by every one of these equipments and proficient work force, they are able to handle and get rid of any number of industrial waste and can provide tailormade solutions. These firms also supply their customers with suitable directions on how to manage and eliminate industrial waste in an environment friendly way.

Hassle-free and less time consuming

In case you own a warehouse and you're confronting major issues in disposing off the debris of the warehouse on a regular basis, you can only offer a waste container hire service a call and tell the number to them of garbage piled up inside your company premises. Conditioned upon the level of the garbage, the agency will then choose a skip of a particular size and reach your area within a short turnaround time with all the required equipments. There are many companies who ensure the wastes are recycled and disposed in other guidelines for industrial waste-disposal and compliance with the WEEE directive. The entire procedure is suitable for the warehouse proprietors and also requires less time when compared with other traditional methods.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Renovating alloy wheels. Although alloy wheels look much better than your average steel wheel they require a lot more looking after. Rain, wind and grit can hit the surface of the alloys, brake dust can also get into the top to ruin your alloy wheels. If untreated the wheels could start to corrode and your wheels could seem duller than steel wheels with wheel trims. Another point that can spoil the look of an alloy wheel is impact damage. Just a rough looking edge can be given your alloys by slightly scuffing the kerb.

There are two means of refurbishing alloy wheels. One way will be to let the experts do it, or if the damage is merely cosmetic the repairs can be carried out at home with a couple of tools and a little elbow grease. The first job would be to mask up the tyres and any painted regions with newspaper and masking tape on areas that you do not want to be impacted. Then the remainder of the lacquer can be taken off with some sort of paint stripper. Take the normal precautions to avoid the stripper coming into contact with your skin. Once the lacquer has been removed, use somebody rubbing compound with a moist cloth to disguise any little pitted areas. You will need to also use some good grade wet and dry paper to get rid of any acute corrosion.

Then use a little grinding stone, a steel brush or even a flap wheel on a drill to smooth this out, if there is any mild impact damage. Take away the minimum amount of metal possible and again you may need some rubbing compound as soon as you've got the area looking pretty smooth. Once all the impact damage and corrosion has disappeared, the wheel will need to be polished. Find a suitable Alloy polish available from most good car accessory stores. Use plenty of elbow grease as you can to definitely get your wheels to as high a glow. Use a non-downy rag to apply the polish and then utilize a smooth fabric to buff it up. The following stage is to give the wheels a relacquer with clear coat lacquer making use of a narrow paint brush to use it. All should be available from most accessory stores as well as your wheels should look as good as new.

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